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Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio Interface - 4x4 HDMI Audio De-embedder / Embedder

13650,00 kr/st
The unHX2D is a Dante enabled HDMI de-embedder/embedder designed to bridge 2-channel PCM HDMI audio to/from a Dante/AES67 audio network. In addition, the unHX2D includes two line level analog inputs and outputs that can be independently bridged to/from a Dante/AES67 audio network. An adjustable audio delay buffer is included on the Dante™ output for audio and video lip sync. The unHX2D features flexible audio routing between system input sources and outputs, and facilitates bridging audio from either video sources or monitors to a Dante/AES67 network. The HDMI output operates as a pass thru repeater of HDMI input video source. The unHX2D also includes installer adjustable EDID management settings via software.