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Outline DBS 18-2


Very high power compact subwoofer system

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High-quality speakers for permanent installations in theatres, clubs, indoor sports arenas

The Outline DBS 18-2 is a high-efficiency subwoofer featuring two 18” long-excursion low frequency transducers. It utilises a number of innovative technologies to provide premium electro-acoustic performance, including ultra-low power compression and distortion figures, to reliably deliver very high SPLs over extended periods
Very high power handling (9600 watts AES peak) and maximum sound pressure level (147 dB SPL peak at 1 metre)
Integral to the DBS 18-2 design is an example of Outline’s innovation in loudspeaker design, namely the ‘Decoupled Baffle Subwoofer’ assembly. This ingenious design contributes to the structural integrity of the entire cabinet as well as reducing resonance (and thus unwanted colouration) as well as air turbulence noise from the reflex ports
Specifically designed to be ground-stacked, the cabinet is equipped with sturdy feet to protect it and provide a solid base
Amplifier connection is made via a Speakon NL4 wired 2-way so that each transducer can be powered by a dedicated amplifi er channel.
Optional trolley-board using a ‘stack & strap’ method of location - aids handling and transportation
Designed for use in applications requiring accurate and powerful reproduction of low frequencies at very high levels, its ability to reproduce program material with such integrity makes the DBS 18-2 applicable for either fi xed or mobile use, which require energetic low frequency response without stress or equalisation.

  • (-10 dB) 28 Hz ÷ 160 Hz
  • (±3 dB) 34 Hz ÷ 107 Hz

    SENSITIVITY (dB SPL @ 1W 1m)
  • Low 103 (half-space)


  • 2 x 1200 W

  • 2 x 4800 W

    MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m, half-space
  • 147 dB SPL

  • Low 2 x 18” hybrid band-pass loaded woofers

  • 93.5 kg (220 lb)

  • Height 605 mm
  • Width 1124 mm
  • Depth 650 mm



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