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BELLARI PP532 Passive Preamp

Passive Preamplifier

1750,00 kr/st

The PP532 pre amplifier, is a completely passive design with absolutely nothing added to your audio signal path. That means NO power required, NO electronics used and NO distortion will ever be added to your music.

It is the most effective way to reach high-end audio quality, and you will save enough coin that you can buy the more expensive speakers you have been eyeing. The chassis is made from .090 steel, meaning it is 3 times thicker than most chassis. Four pairs of RCA inputs allow for connection to all your music sources, and one pair of gold plated RCA jacks to go to your amplifier. All this and it is 100% Handcrafted in Salt Lake City, UT.

The audiophile in you will approve of the 0% distortion added and 100% original signal preservation, but the cheapskate in you will use the savings to buy more gear, of course.